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The Gray and White Event Database is used to create multiple web site pages including the Peggy Jo Studio Newsletter

Event data was submitted to Constant Contact On Sunday, February 16, 2020 at 10:1 PM. Any events submitted after that date and time will be included in subsequent newsletters.

This form will be eMailed to the webmaster for review and editing and will be placed in the Gray and White Event database as soon as possible.

To check the status of an event, one can access the calendar of events at and clicking on the date. Please allow time for the webmaster to do his work. Initially the current month is presented but future months can be displayed by using the date box at the bottom of the form.

Do not use all caps words anywhere, only capitilize where appropriate- press releases will not accept them!!! Enabling javascript is required to use this form. When entering dates, use the format: mm/dd/yyyy eg. 03/17/2019.

Entry Type:

Change/Delete (Send an email to to explain change or delete)

Your information Your Name: Your E-Mail Address Your Phone Number
Date of Event: Use your browser's datepicker or enter the date. ( It must be greater than todays date plus 3). When entering dates, use the format: mm/dd/yyyy eg. 03/17/2019
Place Information

Enter the place, including address, city and phone number here. Google the place to find the address. This field should contain information about the ultimate destination, not a preliminary meeting place.

The separate fields allow Google to generate a map. Believe it or not everything does have a postal address.

Place Name (required) Place address (optional) City (required) State (required); Postal Code (optional) Place Phone (optional) Web site URL (optional leave blank if you do not have a website) Place email (optional) Additional directions (optional)
What the event is about Media Input or Long version:

This is where you can give a full lengthy description of the event or trip. Include a person and phone number to contact if desired .Do not use all caps. If there is a preliminary meeting place and you think it is neccessary to inform the whole world and not just the people signed up, then place that information here. The text box will expand to accept your input Do not repeat the time and place of the event because they will be inserted from the the fields you were required to enter.

Long description:
Event Activity or Short Version (required)

Describe the event here.The two description fields are not merged. Include a person and phone number to contact if desired . This is a shortened version of the media input only the first 235 characters will be accepted. Do not repeat the Date, time or place because they will be inserted from the fields you were requied to enter.

Price for members.
Recurring Event

If this event takes place on a regular basis without changes, include this information so that the webmaster can replicate the event so that you do not have to enter it repeatably. If for some reason the event will not take place on one or more occasions, send an email to in order to delete those specific events.

If you have an event that occurs regularly, but there will be program additions and/or changes, do not classify it as a recurring event and leave this box blank. You will have to enter each event individually.

Describe the recurring pattern Event will start recurring on and will end on
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